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Watering the Seeds

Hi-ya kids!

So when it comes to this garden, we knew what our main job would be—WATERING the plants! After all, who knows how important water is better than two kidneys?! So this past weekend, several of our classmates planted the seeds for the fruits and vegetables that we intend to grow. And then, it was time for The Kidney Brothers to step in! Now, you know we like to have our fun, so we weren’t just going to water these seeds with a plain old hose or watering can. That’s just not our style! Nope, we used water guns! We spent an hour shooting each other and the garden. There’s no reason gardening can’t have a little excitement! Of course, afterwards, we did spray the garden with the hose for good measure, too!

Maybe next time we’ll try water balloons!

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The Kidney Bros.

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