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Watermelon and Roller Coasters

Hey everybody,

School may be back in session, but that doesn’t mean the summer fun is completely over. This weekend, a group of us went with our parents to the amusement park downtown. It was a day full of roller coasters, water rides, and over-sized stuffed animals. It was also a day of healthy living. I know, going to a park like that usually means lots of candy and fried foods, but when you’re smart from the inside out like The OrganWise Guys are, you make sure to pack a healthy lunch and snacks to bring with you. We had a parking lot picnic at lunchtime, complete with watermelon slices and celery topped with peanut butter. We had apples and popcorn for snacks throughout the day and of course we couldn’t forget about the water! We were sure to stay hydrated as we waited in line to conquer another coaster. You can always find ways to be healthy, just think OrganWise! While, you’re thinking OrganWise, get your coloring sheet for today!

OWG_Blog_Art_8-25-14Have a great day,

Hardy Heart

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