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Wellness Wednesday: Exercise Deskside


We are strong proponents of fitting in physical activity whenever and wherever you can, whether it be at home, work or school. We carry a product for school age kids called WISERCISE! that encourages 1o minutes of daily exercise in the classroom while staying on task academically. So if the kids can do it, why not us adults, too?

Here are some fun ways to incorporate some physical activity into your day in the office:

  • Park far away – Yes, it may be cold outside, but you can handle it! Get in a few more steps by parking your car as far away from the building as possible. Walking to and from the car during your lunch break will also help.
  • Take the steps – If you work on a top floor of your building, take the steps! There’s no need to wait on an elevator. Do this each time you go up or down and you will truly be able to get some extra physical activity in.
  • Sit on an exercise ball – Try using this instead of a chair (no joke!). It will be fantastic for your core. If your office happens to be laid back, you can even try some other simple exercises on the ball during your lunch hour, as shared by WebMD.
  • Organize a walking crew – Gather your office friends and tell them to bring their walking shoes. Get in an hour of walking at a park instead of going out to lunch while still yapping with the gals (or guys).

What types of things do you do during the workday to get in some extra exercise?

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