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What Are My Thanks?

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

As we all know, Thursday is Thanksgiving. Like many others, my day will be full of family, fun, football, and healthy food. Like many families, my family will go around the table and say what we are each thankful for during our meal. It’s a very nice tradition, but when I’m put on the spot, I just freeze! I can’t think of anything to say, which is crazy because I have so much to be thankful for in my life. So this year, I decided to think about what I’m thankful for ahead of time! I have a whole list of things I’m thankful for, which includes my family, my friends, my health, new books in my favorite book series, the Foods of the Month, and my teachers. And that’s not even the whole list! What are you thankful for? Think about it while you are working on the coloring sheet for today, then tell anyone you can!

Until we meet again,



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