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What to do with Halloween Candy

When you start talking about Halloween, families have a million different ways of dealing with the sugar rush. We recently threw out the question to our Mom’s Council and it was not a surprise that we got many different ideas! Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Allocate. Each child gets to choose one piece a day and after two weeks all the leftover candy is thrown away. This helps your child learn self-control in treats but also ensures that you’re not eating leftover Halloween candy on Christmas Day.
  • Have a one-nighter. Let your children eat some of their favorites that night and then toss it after they go to bed.
  • Trade in your candy for better treats. One of our moms buys “treats” that are a healthier option and lets her children trade in their candy for something better.
  • Get a visit from the Candy Fairy. One of our mom’s allows her children to enjoy as much candy as they want for 2 days and then the Candy Fairy comes. They put out all of their leftover candy and when the Candy Fairy comes she takes all of the candy and leaves a small toy.

However you choose to handle the Halloween candy, the consensus among our moms was to not be too restrictive; it actually just makes children want it more. Finding ways to teach them lessons about portion control and self-control help equip them for a lifetime of healthy choices.

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