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Windy the Lungs/Windy the Green Thumb

Hi there!

It’s late August, and I don’t know about your town, but it certainly is hot where I am! It seems like I’m constantly drinking another glass of water to cool down. Doing so got me thinking … If I’m hot, I can only imagine how the plants in our garden are feeling being in the sun ALL DAY! So I decided to put on my favorite sunhat and head to the garden to give the plants a little extra water. It was a very nice way to spend my afternoon, tending to the plants, making sure they had plenty of water to go with all of the sunlight they’re receiving. Maybe you should ask your parents if they need any help watering their plants. I bet they would appreciate the help, the plants would like the water, and you get to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!OWG_Blog_Art_8-22-11

And in case you need a little extra motivation, check out this week’s video, all about using our green thumbs or get our coloring sheet!

Keep breathin’,

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