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Winning Isn't Everything

Hey team!

Everyone at school is talking about the Boosterthon Fun Run, whether it’s what your team name is, how much money you’ve raised, or how awesome the Boosterthonteam is. My class is no exception. We are pumped about the run on Friday. Until today, I’ve mainly focused on beating the other classes by raising the most money. But we had a team day in class, which is when the Boosterthon Fun Run team talks to your class about the race and what they want to accomplish. One of the goals of the run is to develop good leadership skills. I realized being a good leader isn’t annoying people by asking how much money they’ve raised. That’s not good leadership at all! So now I am just going to encourage everyone to do his or her best! Would it be nice to be the class that raises the most money? Of course! But it’s not most important thing. It’s most important that we enjoy the fun run as a school. It is a FUN run, after all!

Talk to you later, Print

PS – Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet.

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