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With a Little Help From My Friends

Well hey there!

Saturday was the day: Our first mini team triathlon. It was time to see if I could conquer my nerves. Calci, Kid, and I all took our places at each starting point. Kid went to the pool, I waited on my bike for the tag from Kid outside the pool, and Calci waited for me at the track. The whistle blew to start the race. I heard the swimmers dive into the pool, and then I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I started to repeat my positive sayings in my head, to calm my nerves. And then, other racers started coming out of the pool to tag their teammates, Kid included. I didn’t have time to be nervous because I had to race! I jumped on my bike and started pedaling fast. I was feeling good, keeping up with the other kids in the race. Then I felt my bike shake! Another racer had accidentally tapped my bike with theirs. We were both fine and still racing, but I could feel my nerves starting to take over again. Before they could really get a hold of me, I saw my friends on the sideline, cheering me on and then all my nerves went away! I was just out there, riding fast and having fun. I got to Calci, and she took off around the track. She did amazingly! So amazing, we actually got third place! I was so proud of my team, and proud of myself too. I was embarrassed to tell anyone about how scared I was of riding a bike, but I’m glad I told my friends, because they helped me get on that bike with a confidence I’ve never had before. In fact, I’m going go take a bike ride for fun right now! Why don’t you do the same? Remember to wear your helmet and your smile!Print

Keep livin’ Organwise,

Luigi Liver
PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet!

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