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Working Out Your Brain

Hello hello,

Being a brain can be difficult. A brain is responsible for telling your body what functions you want to carry out (like reading and understanding this sentence!), as well as remembering old information while learning new stuff. It can be tiring, especially if you don’t keep your brain active. One great way to keep the brain active and sharp is to read! I’m not saying read hundreds of pages a day. I’m saying read a chapter before bed each night. It will improve your vocabulary, and it will help keep your brain “in shape” while you are on summer vacation! If you need a book, ask your parent or guardian to take you to the local library this week because they have plenty of books! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have ten pages left in the book I am currently reading and cannot wait any longer to find out what happens!OWG_Blog_Art_6-14-12

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

PS – Don’t forget my coloring and activity sheet today!

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