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World Cup Craze!

The World Cup seems to bring about the same excitement and camaraderie as the Olympics! Sporting events have a tendency to bring people together and support, in our case, the good ol’ USA! This year, the World Cup preliminary rounds has definitely brought about some unexpected victories and game endings! We thought this could be a great time to bond with your family and friends and even use the worldwide sporting event as a teaching tool for your kids!

Here are some ways that you can use the soccer games as a positive influence on your kiddos. Try teaching them the following as ways to inspire them to be good athletes and role models!

  • Positive attitude –  A huge factor in an athlete’s success is their “I can” attitude and positive mental state. Whether it’s tiny tot soccer, or conquering math problems, a positive attitude goes a long way!
  • Strong work ethic – There is a reason the saying is, “Hard work pays off!”
  • Healthy food choices – Athletes know how to make food choices that will fuel their body. Help your kids understand why this is so important for a day of fun at the park, learning in school or their athletic pursuit. Talk about how much running up and down the field the soccer players do and how they have to have enough healthy food and water in them to maintain their energy level.
  • Good sleep habits – Athlete or not, one cannot perform at their best without a good night’s sleep. This is a great conversation to bring up when your child is fighting the bedtime routine.
  • Overcoming adversity – No doubt there will be many teaching moments of athletes overcoming adversity during the World Cup games. We all know that life comes with adversities, so this is an essential lesson to be taught.
  • Good sportsmanship – Obviously, not every athlete will be on the winning team. Be sure to discuss the importance of not only handling defeat with grace, but also how vital it is to express gratitude for the opportunity to represent their sport and their country on one of the world’s biggest stages!
  • Teamwork – Whether it be a sports team or your workplace down the road, being able to work well with others is essential! Discuss camaraderie, group cohesiveness and the excitement and benefits of working together towards a common goal!

Using events where your children are likely to show interest, such as the World Cup or other sporting events, as real-life teaching tools is such a great idea! It teaches them lessons around their areas of interest, so they are more likely to relate!

What do you and your family and friends do for the World Cup?


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