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World Health Day – Make Blood Pressure Awareness a Family Affair

World Health Day will be celebrated this Sunday, April 7, 2013. It is celebrated annually to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organziation (WHO) in 1948. This year, the highlighted theme (chosen as a wordwide public health concern) is high blood pressure.

The OrganWise Guys (OWG) are all about education and prevention when it comes to this health matter! The OWG club rules of eating low-fat, high-fiber foods, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of exercise are a great way to ensure you are making healthy decisions in your daily lives. We challenge you and your family to partake in activities that can help to combat high blood pressure this World Health Day! Here are a few ideas to get the family involved this weekend:

Family Meal Planning – Include the entire family in selecting a meal to cook on Sunday night. Provide a few “heart healthy” selections for the kids to choose from. We are including several tasty ideas including baked fish and veggies, as well as roasted chicken and veggies and some great ways to cook with avocados. Yum!!

Grocery Shopping – Take the entire family shopping for the healthy ingredients that will be used to create your healthy meal for the evening. You can even point out and select some healthy fruits and vegetables along the way.

Reduce Salt Intake – Decrease or even eliminate your salt intake for the entire day. If you gradually lower your salt intake in your recipes, you may not even notice the difference. In the long run, your heart will thank you!

Family Outing – Head over to a local park to either walk/run around or play some fun, yet active games as a family! Get out that energy before dinner, or head out after dinner to get that heart rate up as the days are starting to stay lighter for longer!

Turn Off Technology – Make it a completely technology-free day! That means no television, video games, tablets, etc! You will be amazed at how much more interactive and engaged everyone will be (hopefully not too reluctantly!).

Check out some great OWG resources that teach the importance of making healthy choices now in order to prevent health problems in the future! What ideas do you have to promote World Health Day?download (8)

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