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Write It Down

Hello Fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

See the title of my blog this week? Well take note (literally). Today, I walked into school, feeling great after a fun weekend full of family, friends, and exercise, butthat good feeling stopped when I entered my classroom. I looked around and everyone had posters on their desks. That’s when I realized our book report presentations were due today! I completely forgot! Recently, I stopped writing my homework down in my agenda because I could remember my homework. How about the other kids? They just weren’t as smart as me, I figured. Who’s the smart one now? Everyone else, it seems. You can bet that I wrote down my homework at the end of the day. I will probably remember it and not have to look at my agenda, but it’s much better to be safe than being close to tears as you talk to your teacher about how you forgot that your book report was due today. Trust me on this one, and write down your work in your agenda!

Until we meet again,

PS – Don’t forget today’s Printcoloring sheet!

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