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You're My Best Friend

Hi there,

Sunday is Best Friend Day, which is a day to simply appreciate your best friend. It’s a really great idea, but the problem is I don’t have just one best friend … I have ten! How could I choose ONE OrganWise Guy over the other? Each one of them is so important to me. Madame Muscle keeps me strong, Sir Rebrum keeps me thinking, and The Kidney Brothers are always making sure I’m drinking plenty of water. I also must mention the fun we all have together! So I’m writing them all letters to tell them that they are each my best friend and very special to me. It may seem like I’m being a softie by not choosing, but I just have too big of a heart. Oh, and he’s one of my ten best friend! Make sure and get your “friend-themed” activity sheet and coloring sheet for today!OWG_Blog_Art_6-5-14

Keep breathing,


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