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April Healthy Shopping on a Budget

April healthy shopping on a budget is here! What did we make in April? Check out these four dishes that were created for around $35 – two tasty snacks, an entree, and a dessert:

April Budget

What can you do to save money on fresh beans and nuts, the two April Foods of the Month? To start, know that you do not HAVE to use the fresh variety of “fresh” beans. Instead, consider purchasing frozen lima beans or edamame to save money while not sacrificing nutrition. We made the edamame hummus with frozen edamame and ended up having enough leftover to make a second batch!

Second, always try to keep nuts and fruit on hand. As you can see, these two foods go together very well and are incredibly versatile. Just check out our two posts on snacking with nuts and nut nuggets to see all the different budget-friendly snacks you can quickly create with these foods!

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