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Celebrate Easter Without the Sugar

We shared these ideas last year and thought they would be helpful to pass along again! Plus, we are sharing past Easter and Passover healthy recipes!

Navigating the holidays can be a challenge for families trying to make healthy choices. Easter can be a particularly tricky one since baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs, and jelly beans bombard our kids (and us!). Click more for a few ideas to make your Easter fun AND healthy.

Neighborhood egg hunt – Get together with neighbors and create an egg hunt spread out all over the neighborhood for kids to earn those prized eggs. This will get them running all over the neighborhood and make it fun for all!

Moderation –  If the grandparents show up with a giant bunny-filled basket … ration the candy. Teach kids about moderation by having them select several of their favorite pieces and let them donate the remainder.

Donate – If there is an abundance of candy leftover AFTER you have given the lesson on moderation, consider creating goody bags and donating them to children at a homeless shelter who probably didn’t receive candy for Easter. You can also donate the candy to our troops via Operation Shoebox.

Sugar alternatives –  Incorporate non-candy items such as pastel sidewalk chalk, jumpropes, bubbles, coloring books, stickers, playdoh, Legos, toy cars/trains, hair accessories, books, crayons, make up, and even gift cards, into the baskets.

Exercise eggs – Rather than filling the plastic eggs with candy for the hunt, write down some simple exercises (i.e., 10 jumping jacks, 5 squats, 10 lunges, etc.) on a slip of paper and include in the egg. As the kids progress through the egg hunt, they will end up getting in some great physical activity along the way! You could even consider leaving some small cash prizes in the eggs as an additional reward.

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So, how do you try and keep your Easter holiday a healthy one?

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