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How Being Kind To Others Can Feel Good

Sir Rebrum being kindOnce you start showing gratitude towards others and realizing that something as simple as a “thank you,” can make someone’s day, it makes you want to continue to do nice things. Oftentimes, so many actions go unnoticed and under-appreciated. It’s important to teach kids from a young age to be grateful and appreciative of things that people do for them. It seems that kids have lofty expectations and don’t always appreciate everything that they have. 

This is a great time of year to have a conversation about gratitude and how being kind to others can feel good! Explain the simple things that can be done to show appreciation. Things such as a smile, a nice compliment, or thank you note, can go a long way. It will definitely be well-received to those on the receiving end of it!

Make sure and download the coloring and activity sheets to see how Sir Rebrum realizes how being kind to others can feel good:




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