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How To Eat Low-Fat Foods All Month Long

February Calendar Header copyIn January we introduced a new series where we will promote a healthy behavior to be implemented and tracked for an entire month. Each monthly post will contain a free download which you can print and use in your home, classroom, or childcare center to encourage and track behavior change.

Hopefully you were able to get exercising a lot more in January as that was the behavior we tracked last month. The behavior to implement in February is to make low-fat choices. You can download your February Calendar Tracking Page and start incorporating low-fat foods into your daily meals.

We are always posting healthy recipes that are simple and good for the entire family. To help you come up with some low-fat meals and snacks, try out these low-fat dairy snackslow-fat dairy dinners and pastas with low-fat cheese. It’s not about completely cutting the yummy foods out of your diet, it’s about finding lower fat alternatives where you can still enjoy your favorite dishes.

Watch as Calci M. Bone and Peri Stolic are featured on a low-fat game show:

Remember it’s about making small changes in your daily lives – and not drastic fad diets – that will get you to where you want to be! It’s a marathon … not a sprint! (What a perfect analogy for The OrganWise Guys!)

So tell us, how do you plan to incorporate more low-fat foods into your meals this month?

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