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November Healthy Shopping on a Budget

It’s the holiday season! The November Foods of the Month, lean meats and sweet potatoes, are ideal foods of the holidays. How do we keep our wallets and waistlines in check during this hectic time of year? Keep reading for a few tips. But first, here is a recap of our purchases and meals this month:


November Budget Post



With a budget of just under $40, we created two tasty dinners to feed the whole family, and a healthy sweet potato dessert or snack. As with other months, shopping sales and not overbuying food were key strategies in November.

When purchasing meat, pay attention to the packaging! Often times, chicken breasts that are bagged and packed in water will be available at a MUCH cheaper price per pound than chicken breasts that are packed in a way that involves little or no preparation. In fact, this month we found bagged chicken breasts for $2.99 a pound, $1 cheaper than what we reported last month! Even though a little more preparation was involved (cutting the breasts and pounding them thinner), the end result is still the same.

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