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How Kids Can Celebrate Mom

OWG_Blog_Art_5-7-15As you know, Mother’s Day is this weekend and while kids may not realize just how big of a deal this day is for Mom, they absolutely should! This is a day for kids to show just how much their mom means to them.

The Kidney Brothers share with kids a tough lesson they learned about spending money on themselves rather than on a special gift for their Mom for Mother’s Day. Download the free activity and coloring sheets to see how they got themselves out of their predicament. As a bonus, these sheets can also keep the kids busy (and quiet!) this Mother’s Day weekend, which is also a wonderful gift in our opinion!


Celebrating Mom Coloring Sheet

Celebrating Mom activity sheet

Free Drinking Water Activities

Kidney Brothers Drinking WaterTo help your children learn more about the importance of keeping their bodies hydrated, we have created two fun and FREE activity sheets for kids.

Did you know that drinking water is an important component of an OrganWise, healthy body? Be sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day, especially as the weather warms up. The more you offer this ice cold beverage to your children instead of sugary alternatives, the more likely they are to select it when making choices outside of the home.

Click on the links below to access our free drinking water activities. We have combined the importance of drinking water and addition in a fun activity sheet and have a water-inspired, coloring sheet for the younger kids.

Click Coloring Sheet

Click Activity Sheet

Later, The Kidney Bros.


Know Your Presidents

OWG_Blog_Art_2-16-15-1024x1024Hi-ya kids!

No school today, because it’s President’s Day. We know not everyone has off school today, so we felt kind of bad not learning something new. So you know what we decided to do? Of course you don’t, because we haven’t told you yet. We are trying to learn the names of all the presidents! Sounds like hard work, huh? That’s because it is! We are discovering all sorts of new things, like a guy named Calvin Coolidge was president in the 1920’s. With a name like Coolidge, we thought he would have been president of a refrigerator company, not the United States! We’re heading into the 1930’s now, so wish us luck! You can have some more fun with the presidents by downloading the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!


The Kidney Brothers

Water for Everyone

Frozen WaterHi-ya kids,

We know it’s cold outside, and that means hot chocolates and warm teas are all the rage. While these are certainly fun treats, we still need to make sure we are drinking plenty of water! If we’ve told you once, then we’re telling you again: drink six to eight glasses of water every day! Water keeps your organs running smoothly, which means you stay healthy. Everybody wins. So grab your cup, head to the sink or water cooler, and drink up some yummy H2O before you download today’s coloring sheet!


The Kidney Brothers


Where's My Water?

Hi-ya kids!

The holiday season is definitely here, and we are definitely drinking six to eight glasses of water each day. Are you? Well, you should be, but we know it can get hard this time of year. While we love all the time with friends and family, it can get confusing which glass of water is yours! If you are drinking from a glass, put a rubber band around the base of the glass so you can remember which one is yours! If you’re drinking from a water bottle, write your name on the bottle and refill it. It will help keep you from getting thirsty, and help our planet stay healthy as well! Check out our coloring sheet today featuring what else, but water!


Where's my waterThe Kidney Brothers