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Michigan School Extends Classroom Learning to the Community

By Denise Maloney, Early Childhood & Health/Wellness Coordinator for West Iron County Schools

Schools are different today. Children and families are different. Schools must not only meet the academic needs of our students, but their physical needs as well – which are equally important. Fortunately, our school district has made a commitment to creating a healthier generation and helping our students to develop healthy lifestyle habits, that will carry them over a lifetime, long after they leave our classrooms and hallways.


Delton-Kellogg Elementary!

We were recently up in Michigan to train some great schools who received Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan’s Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Grants! Delton-Kellogg Elementary school was one of the host schools for the training and tracyandkathyrecipient of one of the prestigious BHC grants. After a great day of training, I was able to connect with two wonderful ladies – Tracy Webster and Cathy Liceaga – who are passionate about raising a generation of healthy kids! Tracy is the grant coordinator for Delton-Kellogg Elementary and Cathy works for Michigan State University Extension in Barry County. After the training was over, Cathy ushered me outside the school to see their amazing garden. I was so impressed to see this abundant and beautiful garden right on the side of the school! Cathy takes the children under her wing and finds creative ways to teach them about nutrition and the garden project is just one example. Kids get to be involved in all aspects of it. Most importantly, they learn how food grows and they try new foods (the garden was filled with beans, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, peppers, lettuce and much more). We love it when we get to spend time in the field with passionate educators and see the great projects they are creating and we’re so thankful to partners like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan who bring our programs to the schools!


Kindergarten and The OWG

We got this great story from Kelly Bass who is a teacher in Cadillac, Michigan. We love hearing how The OrganWise Guys are making a difference in the lives of children. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

A Note from Aunt Joyce

We often receive encouraging emails from people who love our products, but last week we got this great email from our very own, Julie Green’s Aunt Joyce. Aunt Joyce has been helping us out with some work on curriculum standards and is one of our biggest fans! We thought you’d enjoy her story as much as we did …