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Outdoor Challenge

Spring is here and, minus the pollen, it means fresh air and time that can be spent outdoors. Hopefully the weather is improving for everyone! We have a fun idea to encourage some good old-fashioned outdoor time spent with your kids, friends, and family. For the rest of April, we challenge you to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day and be creative with your time!


March Madness

It’s that exciting time of the year for all college basketball fans … March Madness! This week starts the exciting journey to crown the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Champions. One of the most anticipated parts of the tournament is filling out your bracket. Everyone is involved in some sort of bracket pool, whether it be with work or your best friends, but we thought it would be fun to challenge you to get your family involved in the tournament fun.


Happy 4th Anniversary to Let's Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama is making the rounds to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Let’s Move! This year, she wants to celebrate all of the great work taking place across the country to move our nation in a healthier direction. In honor of the anniversary, she wants YOU to show HER how you move to be healthy!


Exercise Indoors

We know those frigid temperatures are making it quite difficult to even consider getting outside for a little exercise. Even in the cold winter months though it is still important to make sure you and your kiddos are getting in some physical activity. Try being creative with indoor activities just as the The OrganWise Guys discuss in the video below. It will help rejuvenate everyone stuck in the house!


Treasure Hunting for the Whole Family

As a child, few things entice the imagination more than the idea of hidden treasure. Stories of pirates, explorers, and treasure hunters seem to tap deeply into their sense of adventure. Hours can be spent trolling the backyard for precious treasures like old nails and bits of broken glass.   (more…)