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10 Active Ideas For Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends and to reflect on all the things that you are thankful for in your life. With this also comes the great Thanksgiving feast that can be full of indulgences. Moderation is always key when it comes to eating foods that are associated with this traditional meal. Since we are constantly talking about the importance of balancing the energy equation, we thought we would share some active ideas that you can do during Thanksgiving break to help stay balanced.


5 Ways to Celebrate Exercise with Your Child Week

What better way to connect with your child than to be physically active with them? Celebrate Exercise with your Child Week next week, August 3 – 9, 2014. This initiative nurtures relationship building between parents and/or guardians and kids while promoting a healthier lifestyle! That’s a win all the way around! As we know, exercise and proper nutrition are essential to stay healthy and to  create that all-important energy balance, so why not instill this behavior in those you love the most … your children? (more…)

5 Ways to Be Active in the Summer Heat

Let’s be honest, it is just plain HOT during these summer months. It’s so easy to just want to stay indoors with the air conditioner blasting. However, it’s still important for both adults and kids to be outside AND be active! So, how do we stay active this summer while beating the heat?


Active Ideas for your Beach Vacation

We posted this blog last summer and know that this information will be helpful again during this time of year, so make sure and take these tips on the road with you again!

Summer is here, which means fun, relaxing beach vacations. Soaking up rays (with lots of sunscreen, of course) on the beach, reading a book by the pool, or enjoying tasty local cuisine sounds amazing right about now! Just because you are in vacation mode doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your workout routine. Read more for ideas to help you stay active during your vacation so that your return to reality won’t be as difficult!


Rainbow Run at Stambaugh Elementary

Denise Maloney, an Early Childhood and Health/Wellness Coordinator for West Iron County Schools in Michigan, has long been a health advocate and avid OrganWise Guys supporter. We are truly inspired by her enthusiasm and energy to create a healthier generation of children. She informed us of an annual event that Stambaugh Elementary holds on the last day of school to celebrate the end of another healthy year ~ A FREE 5K! The post race report was phenomenal so we thought we would share her account of the event to encourage other schools and communities to do something similar!