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Exercise Can Be Fun

Madame Muscle Exercise Can Be FunExercise is very important for both kids and adults. Many kids and adults alike, think of exercising as a chore and think that it can’t be fun. We are here to tell you that there are a number of ways that exercise can be fun. The more fun you make exercise, the more likely you are to be consistent with it! Being physically active on a regular basis, along with making healthy food choices, is vital for good health. Make sure and download the coloring sheet to see what type of event caused Madame Muscle to discover that she got a lot of exercise and soreness without even realizing it. Prior to this event, Madame Muscle did not realize that exercise can be fun!

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Exploring New Ways to Exercise

Wellness Wednesday stacked exercise

OrganWise Andrew is back to share with you one of my latest finds as I have been exploring some fun ways to exercise. It can be difficult being in a new city (that’s not known for its outdoor lifestyle), to find enjoyable, recreational activities that challenge you physically. This past weekend I decided to try something different that I have never done before as some friends asked me to go indoor rock climbing. I was skeptical but decided to try it out anyway. You would never believe how challenging tRockwall Climbing Exercisehese artificial climbing walls can be! We climbed several indoor walls for a few hours and were completely worn out when we left. It was such a great feeling to diversify my active lifestyle with a fun, new challenge. You should try it for sure, I highly recommend it!


What are some of  your favorite, non-typical activities that you like to do for exercise?

A Breath of Fresh Air

Wellness Wednesday stackedHey OrganWise Friends!

OrganWise Andrew here, showing you one way we like to keep healthy and get some fresh air during the workday at our OWG facility! Last Wednesday, we shared some great ways to exercise deskside and so I thought it would be fun to show that it really CAN happen in the workplace!


Wellness Wednesday: Exercise Deskside


We are strong proponents of fitting in physical activity whenever and wherever you can, whether it be at home, work or school. We carry a product for school age kids called WISERCISE! that encourages 1o minutes of daily exercise in the classroom while staying on task academically. So if the kids can do it, why not us adults, too?


But It's Cold Outside …

How many times have you said that lately when you have considered being active outdoors? We know those frigid temperatures are making it quite difficult to even consider getting outside for a little exercise. Even in the cold winter months though it is still important to make sure you and your kiddos are getting in some physical activity. Try being creative with indoor activities just as the The OrganWise Guys discuss in the video below. It will help rejuvenate everyone stuck in the house!