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Commit to Eating Breakfast in March

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We continue our series in which we are promoting healthy behaviors to be implemented and tracked for an entire month (and hopefully beyond). Last month we focused on eating low-fat foods so hopefully you were able to incorporate more healthy low-fat choices into your meals. The behavior to implement in March is to commit to eating a healthy breakfast all month long. You can download and print your March behavior tracking sheet and use in your home, classroom, or childcare center to encourage and track behavior change.

We are always posting healthy recipes that are simple and good for the entire family. To help you come up with some tasty ideas, try out these OrganWise egg breakfasts and apple breakfasts and for on-the-go options, try nuts for breakfast. We realize how challenging it can be to get everyone out the door in the morning, let alone with a good breakfast. With just a little planning ahead and prepping, you can make it happen!

Watch as Sir Rebrum talks about how important it is to NOT skip breakfast:

Remember it’s about making small changes in your daily lives – and not drastic fad diets – that will get you to where you want to be. It’s a marathon … not a sprint, which is a perfect analogy for The OrganWise Guys!

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast options?

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